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Kevin C. Moore Profile                                     Last updated October 21, 2014



Executive Summary


Dynamic multiple-decade software development career supporting full-cycle business systems implementation in both customized and vertical-market software business models.  Strong communication, analysis and design skills have maximized process-efficiency of systems.


·         Outstanding success in building custom business applications and providing flexible long-term solutions.

·         Extensive experience deploying and supporting systems in a variety of multi-vendor environments with an emphasis on meeting deadlines and overall customer satisfaction.

·         Expert in vertical-market software design and support, incorporating version control and customer support contact management.

·         Exceptionally well-organized with a record of accomplishment that demonstrates self-motivation, creativity, and initiative to achieve both personal and organizational goals.


“Kevin is a dynamic project member and arguably one of the best software developers that I have worked with.   I highly recommend his services to any organization.”

                                                                        — President, Strategic Management Group


Selected Projects


Eagle Tournament Management System 


Used by the Professional Golfers’ Association (PGA) tournament department, PGA regional offices, many other golf associations, tours and individual golf clubs to manage golf tournaments and membership.  Developed in C/C++, incorporating license and version control.  A detailed, yet generalized design allowed for the accommodation of thousands of unique tournament configurations beyond its original scope.  Used by the PGA for official scoring and tee time pairings for the PGA Championship.


CSOLOG Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) Tracking & Reporting System 


Provides model-based calculation of CSO rates and volumes. The system integrates directly with the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerages District’s data collection database and provides extensive validation and drill-down capabilities.  Includes server-based full audit of user parameter and rating table changes.  Developed using SQL Server and Microsoft Access.


Medicare Shared Savings Program Patient Management System 


Complete Medicare patient sharing status tracking system providing for “one-click” attribution of patients to physicians and a secure web-based physician portal for list access.  Includes integration with multiple claim data systems, mail house system and an XML-based file exchange process with the federal Center for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Developed using SQL Server, Microsoft Access and MS-XML.


CRQ Golf Course Weather-Adjusted Financial Reporting 


Web-based financial reporting system using historical weather data to provide year-over-year comparison using weather-based playable rounds calculations. Application includes a component that allows a secure web-based interface with a client golf course’s financial database for automatic summarized downloading of financial data.  Developed using ASP, SQL Server and Java.


Hydrolab Multiprobe Controller


Water-quality probe data acquisition and import system.  Modular design allows for the handling of multiple probe types by means of ActiveX interface components, developed as needed.  Central acquisition module provides for the tracking, editing, and posting of probe data to a centralized laboratory management system.  Developed in Visual Basic and ADO.


“The Way I See It” Belief Systems Inventory 


Web-based psychological belief systems profile.  Provides unattended registration, purchase, survey and results of the belief systems inventory.  Multiple modes of operation allow for subject management by professional survey administers, group management for organizations with multiple or individual users.  Accumulates profile attribute information for aggregate data analysis.  Developed using ASP and JavaScript.


TPA Administration 


Third-party Insurance Administration encounter/capitation tracking system.  Accepts encounter data from multiple practice management systems each incorporating unique identification schemes.  Processes insurance eligibility information from multiple insurance plans, providing a central database for encounter adjudication. Developed using SQL Server and Microsoft Access.


Sales Event Manager 


Sales event development, tracking and management.  Accumulates selected detailed sales data from IBM AS-400 production system.  Tracks sales by vendor and salesperson and provides for a flexible point awarding mechanism by item and sales category.  Allows for the dividing of salespeople into “flights” and creates reporting used in all event phases culminating in payroll detail required for bonus awards.  Developed using Microsoft Access and ODBC.


Payroll Accrual Tracking 


Maintains employee accrued hours balances.  Provides combination of annual and anniversary holiday, sick and vacation hours awards based on variable accrual schedules.  Imports data from timekeeping system.  Saved ¼ FTEs, replacing existing system.


Driver Statistics Reporting 


Accumulates and analyzes delivery driver statistics from truck acquisition system raw data.  Calculates statistically-based driver performance bonus information.  Generates reports and charts over variable time ranges.


Current Technologies


·         C++/Java/JavaScript/Basic/ASP/SQL/XML/Crystal

·         SQL Server/Oracle/MySQL/Sharepoint

·         Visual Studio/NetBeans/XCode/SSMS/SSIS


Employment History



President, Kevin Moore Software, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Programmer/Analyst to Vice-President, Star Plan Data Systems, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Programmer/Analyst, Brookside Hospital, Richmond, California


Programmer, Star Plan Data Systems, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Programmer, Rent Search, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Programmer, General Lumber & Supply, Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Programming Instructor, Introduction to Engineering, University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee





1979-1983         University of Wisconsin–Milwaukee, College of Engineering and Applied Science